Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some pix n stuff from the past week.

I have been busy as usual the past week. I put in 164 hours last pay period (2 weeks). So I really don't have a lot to say because all I do is work and run.

Today I was working in Nevada and look what I saw.
This is my friend wild horse!!

After we stared at each other for about 20 seconds, he decided that he had somewhere else to be. He stopped for one last look before disappearing over the hill. I doubt that he has seen very many other humans. This is near Massacre Ranch, which is about 190 miles North West of Winnemucca, Nevada. The nearest town.
I think that this is the only building left standing at Massacre ranch. There are numerous foundations and trails and other antique oddities. Its very eerie and kind of scary, given the name and the remoteness.

This is a forest fire that I saw near Bly, Oregon on Saturday. I think that it had just started earlier that day, because usually they are a lot smokier if they have been burning for awhile.

Random trail shot. This is a gorgeous trail.