Monday, October 6, 2008

Life of a cow

Today is another day that I really don't have anything to say. I did have some great ideas this morning, but when I was done doing everything else that I had to do, I had absolutely no inspiration left. So I decided to write about cows.

For some reason, in my job I have developed sort of a friendship with cows. I can't explain it but it seems like often times they are just staring at me, and I am just staring at them.

I think that cows simply want my job, and who can blame them?? If it weren't for the fact that I never get to go home, I would honestly believe that I have the greatest job on Earth.. There are times however when I would be happy to trade places with a cow, if only for the day.

Sometimes I think they just want me to pet them, or give them food, look at these guys, they are begging for attention. Notice the giant tumbleweed. Yep, thats Nevada.

There was a cow that got pretty serious about taking my job, he actually tried to leave with me. I ended up talking him out of it. I mentioned that sometimes I only have beef jerky for lunch.

Some cows like to follow us, they will run along for miles just to see what we are doing I guess.
Before I came out here I never really thought much of cows. Now that I have spent time around them I can't say that I have figured them out, but they do seem to have a personality. I think that some of them are smarter than they let on. I sorta root for them. When I see the cowboys coming out to round them up I sometimes try and scatter them and get them to go hide in the woods. They are more like wild animals than midwestern cows are. Most of the country out here is open range, so there are no fences or anything like that. They are born in the wild and find there own food and water, they just wander about living their life. I like to think that I provide as much entertainment for them as they do for me.