Wednesday, October 8, 2008

La la la!

Wow this is a slow week. There have been a few times like this. Basically we are waiting on a new contract to get signed. Thats one of the problems with a 3 billion dollar project. It gets too political and there are way too many people involved. They would rather pay you to do nothing, than pay you to get a head start on some work that hasn't been signed for yet, even though everyone knows it will be approved, because its work that has to be done. So, right now I am getting paid 12 hours a day to do nothing. Its not as fun as you might think. I would much rather be working. I can't stand to do nothing, especially when the 5 cups of coffee starts kicking in.

Usually when I am bored, I will find a small mountain top lake to drive through.
Like this one for example.

But if you do that to often, it can lead to this happening.

And when that happens, this happens.