Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Runner

The last few days on my double digit below zero temperature runs I have been thinking a lot about what drives me to do the things I do, what makes me the way I am, why I am motivated by certain things. Now I am not trying to get deep here but I am just thinking, and wondering about this song.

Manfred Mann - The Runner

I remember as a little kid that I actually taped this song off of the radio (you guys remember doing that right?) and it was one of my favorite songs. This was long before I ever started running. I still love the song to this day and it is one of my favorite songs to listen to while running. I know the video is pretty sick, but it was the early 80's and I guess that was cool then. I just wonder if this song has had an actual subconscious influence on me?

I mean what if I had taken a liking to this song instead

Weird Al Yankovic - Eat it

Would I have turned out different?? I think maybe....

If simple things like this do by chance have a life long influence over us, whats gonna happen to the video game kids of today??

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

excited about christmas break!!

So.. Rebecca and I both have time off from December 25th through January 5th and I can't wait.

We have absolutely nothing planned except that we are not going to be visiting our families.

Sorry family.

Its been a long time since we have really been able to spend a good deal of time together without anything else going on. We were considering planning a vacation, but we kinda backed out on that idea. There are some things that we can do around the house, plus I think I've probably spent 340 nights in a hotel already this year, and I really prefer my own bed.

However if we do get the urge to fly to San Francisco to climb hills and eat dinner or down to Savannah to eat Beignets on River street we will probably do it.... Thats how a life of temporarily having no responsibilities should be.

It was 27 below zero this morning. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer!! It is actually supposed to get above zero, that wasn't supposed to happen until Friday but I am happy that its coming a little sooner. I kind of wussed out the past couple of days and went to the YMCA to run rather then back out into the cold after having spent the day tramping through the forest in 2 feet of snow. I'm sure I'm not alone in despising treadmills, I usually only run on them a few times a year because I pride myself in running outside regardless of the weather and now I remember why. First I hate not going anywhere. Second its really hot because there is no wind resistance and Third I sorta wonder if people think that I'm weird or showing off because everyone else is either walking or maybe getting on and running for 5 or 10 minutes. I don't feel like I can run like I want to. I just feel out of place I guess, Running is supposed to make me free from everything. I want to run and not be restrained by the "dreadmill". So ya, I'm just gonna save the treadmill for double digit below zero days!

Todays Random animal picture.
A Funny looking goat.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sorry bout the lapse!

Wow, hard to believe its been over a month since the last time that I posted. Being back in Minneapolis, time goes a bit quicker. I've been pretty busy since coming back from out West, dinking around with my house and what not. I've been to Michigan 3 times in the last month, its been good to see my family. Now I am just ready to stay home for awhile. Hopefully starting next weekend I will be able to. I think Rebecca is getting a little sad thinking that I was gonna be home for awhile, but still ending up out of town most of the time.

At the moment I'm on the road again working in Northern Minnesota sitting in a hotel room and sorta figuring out a preliminary racing schedule for next year. Its kind of complicated because I really don't know where I'm gonna be at a particular time of year, so it's more of a wish list of races I want to do and then sorta wait and see what happens. I know I will do the Lifetime fitness triathlon. And my "A" running race for next year will be the Xterra trail run Nationals . I really want to do the Steelhead Half Ironman as well, but that is only 2 weeks after the lifetime triathlon, so it really depends on where I am working as to whether or not I will be able to get back for that. On top of those, there are a bunch of other races on my wish list including a bunch of small local races that I would like to do.

My running has been going pretty good, and I'm happy with the progress that I have made over the last year. I am really excited that I have gotten back in to trail running, I haven't been injured since last January so I'm gonna knock on wood and hope it stays that way. I'm gonna hit the pool hard over the next 3 months now that I am in town and see what I can do in the water. I guess as far as the bike goes, haha!! Serious riding outside this time of year in Minnesota is fairly dangerous, so I'm looking forward to more spin classes and a lot of time on the trainer.

Oh- a cool story. Yesterday while working I saved a fox!! I found a fox that had been caught in a snare, the wire was wrapped around his neck and there was no way that the poor guy could get out. I think he had probably gotten caught yesterday morning because he was in really good shape and didn't appear to have any injuries other than the snare around his neck. I was wearing thick leather mittens and thick boots and clothes so I wasn't too scared of being bitten, and with the help of my crew I managed to pin him down and use my leatherman to cut the snare off of the tree and then slide it off of his neck and release him unharmed!!

We got a pretty decent storm today and tomorrow the temperature is supposed to drop to 41 below zero, actual air temp! thats not including wind chill. I can't wait. After working out in it all day, if I still have fingers and toes I am considering going for a run in it...