Monday, June 7, 2010

Boring week

Progress on this project has been really slow thus far. There are still a few major hurdles that we have to make before we can really get going, in the mean time we have been busying ourselves by marking roads that we can and cannot use for access on this project. There are a lot of rules and a heck of a lot of people/agencies monitoring everything that we do in regards to this project. Which roads/trails that we use is one of the things that people are currently making a big deal about.

Here is an example of a nice road that for some reason, someone has decided that we can not use.

Here is an example of a decent road that we can use.

The biggest hazard that we are running in to while staking these roads is getting our vehicles stuck. At least daily, one or more of us will get our truck stuck. It can often turn in to a pretty big task to get the truck unstuck. Due to the remoteness of where we are working, it is not uncommon at all for a truck to be stuck overnight or longer.

Here are two trucks that I helped get unstuck this week.

This one we got out at about 10pm, it made for a long night.

This one had to stay overnight and ended up getting out the next afternoon.

I'll need to knock on wood, but thus far I am the only Surveyor on our part of the project that hasn't gotten stuck yet. I'll chalk it up to luck for now, but I suppose having plenty of past experience in the mountains doesn't hurt either... I know when its best to just stop driving and start hiking...